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Illustrations to "The Lord of the Rings"
by J.R.R. Tolkien

All images with high resolution, on average - 850x1200, that mean its quite big (from 475 Kb to 370 Kb)

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Frodo and Gandalf


He [Gandalf] was smoking in silence, for Frodo was sitting still, deep in thought. Even in the light of morning he felt the dark shadow of the tidings that Gandalf had brought.

[198 Kb]
With Elves

[185 Kb]
Old Man Willow

[157 Kb]

[232 Kb]
House of Tom Bombadil

[210 Kb]
Frodo Disappears at Prancing Pony

[178 Kb]
The Dark Riders

[629 Kb]
Luthien Tinuviel

One of the best Lee's work as for me

And in the glade a light was seen
      Of stars in shadow shimmering.
Tinuviel was dancing there
      To music of a pipe unseen,
And light of stars was in her hair,
      And in her rainment glimmering.

[719 Kb]
The Stone Trolls


Strider walked forward unconcernedly, 'Get up, old stone!' he said, and broke his stick upon the stooping troll.

[527 Kb]

[247 Kb]
Gollum and Council of Elrond

[184 Kb]
The Mountains

[392 Kb]
The Entrance to Moria


'Well, here we are at last!' said Gandalf. 'Here the Elven-way from Hollin ended. Holly was the token of the people of the land, and they planted it here to mark the end of their domain; for the West-door was made chiefly for their use in their traffic with the Lords of Moria. Those were happier days, when there was still close friendship at times between folk of different race, even between Dwarves and Elves.'

[236 Kb]
In Moria

[195 Kb]

[184 Kb]

[194 Kb]
Mirror of Galadriel


The air was very still, and the dell was dark, and the Elf-lady beside him tall and pale. 'What shall we look for, and what shall we see?' asked Frodo, filled with awe.

[542 Kb]
Tol Brandir


The little upland lawn was open upon the East and filled now with the early sunlight. Frodo halted and looked out over the River, far below him, to Tol Brandir and the birds wheeling in the great gulf of air between him and the untrodden isle.

[117 Kb]
The Chase

[251 Kb]
Merry, Pippin in Fangorn

[594 Kb]
Searching Fangorn


'Then what shall we do now?' said Gimli. 'We cannot pursue them through the fastness of Fangorn. We have come ill supplied. If we do not find them soon, we shall be of no use to them, except to sit down beside them and show our friendship by starving together.'

[255 Kb]

[162 Kb]
The Golden Hall

[271 Kb]
Battle of the Hornbung

[100 Kb]
River Isen

[213 Kb]
The Dark Tower

[393 Kb]
The Taming of Smeagol aka
Smeagol at Knife Point

[191 Kb]
The Dead Marshes

[496 Kb]
At the Dark Gates aka The Black Gate Closed

[227 Kb]
The Oliphaunt

[141 Kb]
[Ruined city of Anarion]

[180 Kb]

[120 Kb]

[212 Kb]
Gandalf Before Theoden

[164 Kb]
Minas Tirith

[228 Kb]
Eowyn and Aragorn

[227 Kb]
The Path of the Dead

[248 Kb]
The Siege of Gondor

[597 Kb]
The Battle of Pelennor Fields


Stern now was Eomer's mood, and his mind clear again. He let blow the horns to rally all men to his banner that could come thither; for he thought to make a great shield-wall at the last, and stand, and fight there on foot till all fell, and do deeds of song on the fields of Pelennor, thought no man should be left in the West to remember the last King of the Mark.

[202 Kb]
Pelennor Afterwords

[143 Kb]
The Dark Tower

[208 Kb]
Cirith Ungol


In the dreadful light Sam stood aghast, for not, looking to his left, he could see the Tower of Cirith Ungol in all its strength.

[230 Kb]
The Orcs

[392 Kb]
Two Orcs

[123 Kb]
Mount Doom


He looked back, and then he looked up; and he was amazed to see how far his last effort had brought him. The Mountain standing ominous and alone had looked taller than it is.

[123 Kb]
Swan Boat

[216 Kb]
The White Tree

[197 Kb]
An Old Bilbo in Rivendell

[204 Kb]
Going Home

[238 Kb]
Flying Ring Wraith

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